Tested with: Windows, MacOSX, Silhouette v5.1, Nuke 9.0v8

Nuke to Silhouette is a tool used to for quick and easy project setups. With just the click of a button this allows the artist to jump straight into sfx without the manual steps of setting up the project file.

This tool with retrieve all of the information from your Nuke script required to create a sfx project file. e.g. Frame range, file path, etc…



How to use:

  1. Install “Nuke to Silhouette” script (see bottom of page for install steps).
  2. In your nuke script select the desired node.
  3. In the nuke menu select “Silhouette>Send to Silhouette” command.
  4. Once executed a dialog will pop up.

    Here in the Send to Silhouette dialog on the right hand side you have two options:

    • RotoNode – Creates the Silhouette project file setup for roto.
    • PaintNode – Creates the Silhouette project file setup for paint.
  5. Select your “Setup Type” and then click on the “Create New Project” button.
  6. Once executed you should have a new instance of sfx launch with the project file loaded.

How to install:

  1. Download the zip file from the “Download Script” button above.
  2. Unzip the package and then copy the “menu.py” and the “nukeToSfx” folder into your “.nuke” folder.
  3. Restart Nuke and you should have a menu named “Silhouette

If you already have an existing “menu.py” file you’ll need to add this snippet:

Additional Notes:

  • If you’ve previously created a sfx project file, the sfx project builder will automatically version up.
    Alternatively, if you’re just lazy like me and want to load the previous project file you can select the previous version and then click on the “Load Selected” button.
  • By default sfx project builder looks for the installed version of Silhouette in the default directories:
    • Windows: C:/Program Files/SilhouetteFX/Silhouette v5.1/Silhouette.exe
    • OSX: /Applications/SilhouetteFX/Silhouette v5.1/Silhouette.app
    • Linux: /opt/SilhouetteFX/Silhouette v5.1/bin/silhouette
  • If you have multiple versions of sfx or have sfx installed in a different location you can always re-target it in the Nuke preferences.
  • By default the silhouette project file will be generated into the same directory as your nuke script but that can be also changed in the ‘Silhouette Project Path’ settings.

Version Notes

  • v1.1 bug fixes
  • v1.2 added custom node settings for the RotoNode & PaintNode setup.
  • v1.3 fixed compatibility with Windows and bug fixes.
  • v1.4 added support for custom start frame.
  • v1.5 added custom “Silhouette Project Path” to the nuke preferences.
  • v1.6 fixed issue if the sequence padding is more than 4.