Test with Nuke 9.0v8

This script will read the number values within a nodes ‘label’ property entered by the user (eg.’15-20′ or ’15’) if the current frame is equal to or within its range then it will change the nodes color to RED.



How to Use

  1. Install “Color Node on Frame” script (see bottom of page for install steps).
  2. Once installed you have a new menu named “ChantasticVFX>Color on Frame
  3. Selected a node that you want to modify under the label properties add a frame or frame range to your liking.
  4. Using the hotkeys you can advance next frame, previous frame and toggle, see the node change colors.
  • alt + .¬† : advance next frame.
  • alt + , : advance previous frame.
  • alt + / : toggle colors on current frame

How to Install

  1. Download the zip file from the “Download Script” button above.
  2. Unzip the package and then copy the “menu.py” and the “ColorNodeOnFrame.py” folder into your “.nuke” folder.
  3. Restart Nuke and you should have a menu named “ChantasticVFX
  • If you already have an existing “menu.py” file you’ll need to add this snippet:

Version Notes:

  • v1.1 allows the user to pass both frame ranges and frames separated by a comma.
  • v1.1 now allows the user to easily change the indicator color through the nuke preferences.